There are other threads that cover the details around the Challenge system interface and automation, so I will bypass those details here and focus on the details of my experience completing Sandstorm - Uprising. I am attempting to complete the challenge with low level, researchable tech.

I used the same squad for all stages.

3 of these - Cutlass w/ Aries Double Cannon I

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1 of these - Blocker designed to match movement characteristics and add as much resistance and raw armor as possible

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Stage 1:

Comments: I did not decide to document my entire event until after completing Stage 1, so there's limited inforamtion here.

Damage: ~ 25 mins.

The Youtube playlist for Stages 2 - 4 (including my failed lvl. 4 attempt):

Stage 2:

Comments: I completed on the first run. My driving wasn't efficient as I wasn't certain which enemy would be in range first. From my experience this is a very common issue on first attempts, and generally results in significantly more damage. Also, at the end, I still had two buildings alive when the stage ended.

Damage: ~37m 48s
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Stage 3:

Comments: first video I recorded audio with. Again, driving wasn't very efficient since I wasn't aware of the robot enemy entrances, etc. Again, I had a building still alive at the end.

Damage: 20m 16s
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Stage 4:

Comments: My first fail! I made a bad decision on the approaching speed of robots left me in the middle of robots and buildings that killed my ally in the first vid. The second shows victory.

FAIL: 11m 14s
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Success: 45m 24s
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