Ok, playing for the first time today, since this got put in place threw me a few times. I'm so used to using squads 3, 4, and 7 that when I launched and they were 2, 3 and 6 I kept grabbing the wrong one. (3 was LS missile squad and 4 and 7 were haulers).

I'm now going through and doing renames on all my squads and on top of that all of my tanks.

So nice to be able to label them, interesting piece is trying to come up with a useful naming convention in the number of characters offered (and that can of course be seen). Right now I have names like "missile hold2" or "missile mag4". This only catches 2 primary things, weapon type and main 2ndary tech, but seems to be working for me for now. It is a bit time consuming, expecially having squads going back about a year!

Have also used the scrape feature to get rid of all of my guantlets. Haven't decided on my daggers yet, for now I'll keep them around to play with on some retro fits. I do have 1, "speed demon", it has map speed of 126, will be fun to run it around every now and then.

Overall, great update to the garage in this update, nice job guys!