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Thread: Banned / Retired

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    Quote Originally Posted by bort View Post
    pretty sure they didnt make decisions based on players that weren't contributing any money .... but i guess if you believe that then go for it .....
    well therein lies the problem, if u dont feed the fish, the whales have nothing to eat
    All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michigan Marauder View Post
    I was banned before I could retire, but all in all it was a hell of a great 5 years. I am okay that someone turned me in because I had tried to get banned. I had been hacking for the last 6 months and had nothing really left to build. I stayed bubbled with the dragon strike campaign.

    I got to chat with Hitman for a bit in our sector and hinted to him I was going to retire. The game had lost its fun altogether for me. Hell the first day I hacked. I won't even lie. I tried like hell to get banned. I hacked:
    3 tiger sharks + rank 60 days
    2 tiger shark refits + rank 50 days
    refit many ships
    Over the last 3 weeks, I didn't hack anything at all.

    I was bored shitless with the game even with unlimited build potential.

    What did I learn?

    When you are ready to walk away nothing makes the game fun anymore. I kinda wish I wouldn't have got banned so I coulda gave my account to someone who still likes the game. It is nice though not having to worry anymore about chores. I will say I know for a fact I was not banned for hacking. Since I hadn't hacked or even played much in the last 3 weeks. Cheers to all the pirates oh and I tested the new hack that will be out on wednesday/thursday. It works fine. I am a level 94 and still not banned. That is also how I know Kixeye singled me out. I tested it out using a virtual machine and different pc/ ip.

    I will prolly log in from time to time to chat, but I am done playing BP. If Kixeye reads this, you guys cant code to save your ass. There are still massive problems, but it is a slighter nicer band aid that will keep script kiddies from hacking.

    Much love to Xhin and Nuke, they kept me playing prolly 2 extra years with insight and in the end....It was them who made me go dark side lol. Okay just bullshitting about them making me go dark side. When I get board with things. I check out what makes them work. Much love to all the friends and family here and in the game

    ~Michigan Marauder
    That is not hacking alot
    Listen i scrap my base may 2013 and got it back june 2013 from kixeye i stay on with game and i found the glitch fleet rep usethat to hell and back, Kixeye patch the last glitch oh well back to slow ass game play. i scrap base again total in june 2015 ask if kix could get it back one more time they said no.! i said fuck you kix and hack then i rebuild base in 18h from nada to top all labs, all walls,all turrents close to max not all i did not wanna make it so in your face!
    Then i start building hulls total buildt hulls in one week of hack to test and do is 200 hulls total hulls made is 398 hulls done and tested!
    Now i have 19 puns,10 tigers,25 rhinos,15novas,and a few other goodys screw em mates they fock a good game with greed! Vid is on youtube Mesosoory
    HateMachine Still here!

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    Kixeye banned my base and it was never hacked. It was turned in three times by people in the same alliance that didn't like getting smashed. I had over 4k spent on the base over 2 years. When I appealed the ban they cut off all communication with them. When I Appealed in writing I got no response. Kixeye is a company that can't be trusted. They Lie about what they are going to do in the game. They intensionally kill you off during raids and missions. Ever wonder why they seem much harder than playing the game normally. I have gone in to raids and seen all my ships blowup not once but several times just so you would coin repairs again. When they banned my base I vowed I would never spend another coin with kixeye. The game is on the way out if they don't make some serious changes.

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