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Thread: Base Defense Calculator

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    Base Defense Calculator

    Ok, it is ugly, very ugly, but if you want to plan our what taking something off your turrets, or upgrading your turrets from level 6 to 8 will do you can utilize this once Nuke gets it uploaded to the site.

    Here is the link to what my turret setups are currently like:

    You have to choose HQ level, top wall level you have, and then the number of each type of equipment you have on your turret based on cell count. Cell count is how it is calculated. So I'm not having you pick each piece you put on it, just the number of 1, 2, 3, ... cell pieces you have on yours.

    Name:  defensecalc.JPG
Views: 200
Size:  75.4 KBTurret 1Name:  turret1.JPG
Views: 172
Size:  21.3 KB Turret 2Name:  turret2.JPG
Views: 183
Size:  20.8 KB

    Results will look like:
    HQ Level = 5
    Wall Level = 4
    Turret 1 Level w/ parts = 2.882845
    Turret 2 Level w/ parts = 3.6257935
    Turret 3 Level w/ parts = 3.2770255
    Turret 4 Level w/ parts = 3.6257935
    Turret 5 Level w/ parts = 2.701195
    Turret 6 Level w/ parts = 3.6879955
    Turret 7 Level w/ parts = 2.4687355
    Turret 8 Level w/ parts = 3.6257935
    Turret 9 Level w/ parts = 3.2770255
    Turret 10 Level w/ parts = 3.6257935
    Turret 11 Level w/ parts = 3.2770255
    Turret 12 Level w/ parts = 0

    Total Defense Rating = 45.0750215

    Each value is how much that level added to your defensive score.

    It will spit out a URL at the bottom that you can copy and reopen in another tab or whatever.

    Again it is ugly, I don't do web programming, just threw it together with the info I was provided by the devs so that you can attempt to play around with it a bit.

    In the future I may compare what you say the turret level is to the total number of cells you are claiming on on it, etc, but I've got enough hours into this as it is, so enjoy (once Nuke gets it added to the server).

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