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Thread: Need an Base layout

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    Need an Base layout

    Well im stuck with base planing and i need an base layout for OP 7 and i hope that decmber raid gives me the turrets and weapons i need

    Im looking for these in the base

    -Long channel and maybe choke points if i get apoc morts .
    -Secure Dock, outpost
    -An place for an artemis ( an good spot also it would work like an spotter maybe an ledge near the outpost )
    - I am comfortable using proto mastadons and rhinos maybe enforcers too ( il see after the raid )
    -And it would be nice if it used res gens , and whs as boosts ( those fire support and defence boosts )
    -And could you offer the turrets i need ( i dont have any good ones but i hope to get them this raid )

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    look at Jacz base designs on BANGTIDY facebook page (He's the one with the ghostcrawler called Nessie)

    I copied the one he used for the base attack campaign and it's kept out every-one except four legendary heavy crusiers (even without all of my guard fleet in place)

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    Here ? ..... could you just post me an screenshot of the base layout if i cant find it ?

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    Here is my advice, friends dont let friends build base fleets or worry about your base. Hell even some of the big coiners are using the no guard fleet strategy and attacking people until someone attacks them before they log off. That way they can click repair and lose no time, while they sleep in a bubble.

    kixeye collects data so if everyone stopped upgrading everything in there base.....then times will come down and perhaps then base defense would be worthy, but until then its 26days to get turret base to max then 5+ days for most turrets so 31 - 40 days per turret = basically 2 years worth of building and that is before next years base turrets, turret stands, armor, and specials.......

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