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    Tips and tricks

    Hey guys. Seeing as a lot of you have been playing for a while and have lots of experience i would like some help. I have just recently got some of the top end hulls and i want to build them right the first time. There are a lot of chores monthly and having the right fleets makes a lot of it possible which i usually just didn't do. Currently the strategy section in this forum is a little thin so i am going to open a thread for all the chores i can think of monthly and the idea is to post builds and give advice that minimize damage and just makes doing it a possibility. Thank you in advance for helping

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    I wish my alliance members were like you.

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    The only trick is guessing which hull and weapon will be OP enough to let you do things cheaply.....

    I would have to say zombie FC with antipodes are the weapon of choice especially with the 0% accuracy loss with the new engines....Then you will need something that hits underwater for the new faction........Rhino + new missiles would seem the perfect fit......

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    Was that a pinch of sarcasm Screenwriter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan871106 View Post
    Was that a pinch of sarcasm Screenwriter?
    Haha no, I genuinely wish more of them tried to play smarter.

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