So far everything I'm seeing is doing this with clays. I'm looking at it on the gnat thing I posted in the other thread, but I've seen a few options here.

Idea is to take chalk of whatever color you want, and put it on the clay so that when you shoot it, the chalk disperses in the air and helps you tell you've hit it.

1. Chalk, rubbing alcohol and a clay target - also
2. Chalk, clay (oven bake) and a clay target (jump about 1:40 into it) and
3. Chalk, tape and a clay target - (they also try to do something with spray adhesive)

So number 2 is the most work by far! It seems to work nicely, even better in his second video when he put it on the bottom instead of the top. But I'm not sure how baking the clay targets does long term on keeping them stable. Guess it is a timing issue, but they are cool, just not sure they are worth the time.

Number 3, using the tape seems to be quite time intensive also. I'm sure there are ways around that, but not ideal on the amount of work involved.

Number 1 seems to be the easiest long term to do. Not sure once it drives though how long it will say there. Week later after it is completely dried does the chalk flak back off/out?

I'm got an idea to try with it, but has anyone done anything like this before?

Again my main goal would be to make half dollar size targets more for the RC type scenario, but I could see putting these out at 100 yards as hanging targets too.