FYI, If the GUI screens that pop up at BP login allow you to open a function then that function can be activated by 'viewing' a friends base in Facebook.
This allowed me to activate and abort campaigns in an alt base via the one time GUI splash login screen (ie you reached level XY now click button to open the campaigns).
Wouldn't allow the higher level base to open it's already completed campaign in the alt base despite appearing to be able to do so in the text, but was able to open campaign outside the alt bases level range (text said 0 of 3 in alt where main was 2 of 3 wouldn't open but if 0 of 3 in both level restriction didn't matter). Not sure if it could work in reverse to reset camps. didn't appear to effect the blueprints (no insta gain that i could see).

Also text notices are active in the same manner (ie RSVP for x raid, etc..). These will trigger the alt bases notice but will try to use the original bases face book credentials. May play around more to flush it out.

Interested to know what if anything happens to the retrofit/ship built/etc. GUI screens do when triggered through the viewing a friends base.

Lastly, if you time out of a campaign the ships reappear in your dock, with-out the damage or the rez from the attack (not sure if fully healed or if they go back to what you last left the dock with and not sure about raid points).