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Thread: Solid Mercury build (D55-Z)

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    Solid Mercury build (D55-Z)

    This is a time tested solid Merc build for anyone, but a great option if you don't have some newer elite hulls to work with. It does require some higher weapons and tec tho. It auto's 71's with zero damage and auto's 75 elites with zero to instant repair damage.
    A nice way to auto grind for uranium and to get weekly alliance points.
    Retroing your Mercs to R5 then to R10 is relatively cheap as well.
    - 2 D55-Z missles
    - 2 D51-L missles
    - 1 phalnax 3 (phalnax 2 can be used)
    - 1 hailstorm 3 (lvl 2 can be used)
    - Strike system 3
    - Compound armor D5-X
    - Countermeasures 3
    - 3 D5-E armor ( retro the armor if possible )
    Many other options available but this is one myself and several others have used for some time. Works like a charm ! Anyone else want to post some other Mercury options for players who might not have the top tier hulls ?
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