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Thread: Turning my V2Cs into a Missile Fleet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michigan Marauder View Post
    I thank you for the build tips, my buddy was also trying to have me stay with cryos. I don't hit bases, dredges, and rarely do raids. I built ships just for the Drac Bases and FMs, thats the way I get my Uranium. I know if I played more aspects of the game I would find a niche for cryos but as me and xnih take turns vying for laziest pirate. I have to keep my motivation level down to a minimum
    id teach u guys about being lazy, but meh its all i can do to finish this senten

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    Well the results are in guys.......

    Had to take off Siege Battery and add Laser Targeting.....

    6 hours 42 minutes with 4 cryos doing a drac base in 1 pass
    4 hours 21 minutes with 3 Siege Z missiles on the same V2C fleet...........*4 ships
    2 hours 37 minutes with 2 Siege Z missiles on the V2H fleet ...........*4 ships

    Those who thought I was crazy.........2 hours 21 minutes difference in repair time..........Math said it should be better and while I can't slow down reaver ships which is always a huge plus.....When I get to 60% rank on them. I believe I can do a drac base for around 3 hours 30 minutes repair which I don't think can be done with 4 V2C........
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