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Thread: Introduce Youself

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    Jan 2015
    The 317 aka Indy

    Introduce Youself

    Mike(Real) aka Michigan Marauder(Forum Name) aka Free SalvZ(New IGN)
    Almost level 75
    May of 2011 start date
    ID 852101
    Real World Age:31
    Game Mentality:13 (Some of my fleets I built are uglier than Frankenstein) I am getting better though.

    Best part of the game for me:
    Building fleets that actually work
    Being friendly with Foes

    Worst part of the game for me:
    60 day fleets that suck ass
    Comm Warriors
    Game going down when using a salty dog

    Real Money spent on the game: 250ish dollars

    Best Build: GNCs with JuggX tank
    Worst Build: Siege HHA Built in 2011 where I loaded 1 HHA with 5 siege Missiles and only had enough room for 1 on each of the others(Huge learning moment as it dies fast because has very little armor lol)

    My newest finished fleet, V2H(much better than I thought it would be) Not a Missile Fan
    Next build V2C Cryo (How do you guys like yours?)

    Fav Weapon Black Rain aka morts

    That sums it up besides the obvious, I want midget strippers dancing on our warehouses.......

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    Jan 2015
    Nuke lol aka nuke_2212(Forum Name) aka NuclearWinter (ign)
    Lvl 69
    June of 2013 start date
    ID 852101
    Real World Age:34
    Game Mentality:no comment...

    Best part of the game for me:
    Rippin it apart & Social

    Worst part of the game for me:
    build times in general...
    Boringness of raids

    Real Money spent on the game: 150ish dollars .. no more will be spent unless things change drastically

    Best Build: none? ... Greta NC's do decent, atlas do decent too but both are weaker than I like...
    Worst Build: HHA's with mix of b/q morts and no armor.. (never finished building lol)

    My newest finished fleet: 4-ship Greta fleet... building grim to throw in with my atlas's
    Next build: not a clue............ htinking build up frosty and do v2/masta fleet

    Fav Weapon: cryos

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    Joe(Real) aka Ichabod
    Level 77
    March 2012 start date
    Real World Age:35
    Game Mentality:417

    Best part of the game for me:
    Real friends.
    Making dem builds

    Worst part of the game for me:
    Kixeye make me or others spend to find the things
    People calling me a fanboi because I don't get mad

    Real Money spent on the game: No comment

    Best Build: Sav/Masto
    Worst Build: Hellstrikes
    My newest finished fleet: V2-C
    Fav Weapon: Siege missiles

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    Lord Admiral T bear.Leader of the Dark Raider Corsairs.Granted Lord and Protectorate by Forsaken council of sector 392.Born to a Forsaken High Command Officer and Reaver scallawag mother.Found by forsaken patrols among wreckage as an infant,pirating since birth.
    Favorite thing about the game:The booty.
    Least favorite thing:The collaborating unscrupulous Forsaken and Drac arms dealers.Second beef,the Forsaken and Drac councils greed and leaching upon the Forsaken clans.
    Best Fleet:You don't want to find out.
    Favorite weapon:The cover of darkness.
    Money spent on Reaver,Drac and Forsaken women and booze:Unknown.
    Forsaken Navy ID# 172691.
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    Age: 34
    Level: 65
    Start Date: Apr 2014 (15,799,186)
    Favorite Part of game: Theory crafting/fleet building/PVE
    Least Favorite: People with an inability to disassociate coining with skill

    Money Spent: Yes
    Best Build: Still proudest of my HB3 Marauders, they've done a lot of work for me over the last 9 months. After that my legendary Mastodon wins MVP for the past 3 months in raids.
    Favorite Weapon: Low salvo high damage - D55-Z is R15 now

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    Real Life: Eric
    In Game: Lazy
    Blog, online posting's, etc: xnih

    Age: old enough
    Level: 75 or so
    Start time: 3-4 years ago, id is in the low 200,000's
    Money spent: minimal

    Miss the old black water days, the early raids where it was a free for all of only the top dog (ie coiner) in the sector would win. Probably didn't help kixeye in some sectors as you'd get someone so far ahead everyone would quit coining, so understand the change, but it was a top prize for your sector champion and since you couldn't move sectors and could only attack 250 spaces or whatever away you knew all your neighbors well.

    I miss my old levi fleet that I put engines on and tore through bases with! Blue O. got schooled that day.....

    sorry, got lost, where was I. Oh yeah, original author of bp-info blog that has had a few guest posters over the years, but mostly taken over by Nuke of late (thanks nuke!)

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    Level 61
    No idea when I started,been around 2 years or so

    Met MM in 267 been running with GHWP for a longtime.Best part of game to me is the team play,making new friends,and just having fun.

    Thanks for the forum MM.

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    Cutter Leader of Kiss My Ass (KMAZZ)

    got every toy that kix has released since I started playing nearly 3 years ago
    used to work 14 hour nightshifts and played at work , hence had HHa when I was a level 27 , and all bp cargo before I was a 40
    now at 83 just wondering how kix is going to screw us next !!!!!!!!1

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    Real Name: Andy
    Forum name: Grumpy_Pirate
    IGN: Grumpy_Pirate

    Age: Not old enough to justify my grumpiness
    Game level: 66
    Start date: No idea beyond "too long ago"
    ID#: 114k
    Real money spent on this game: Around about 70 (70 too much IMO)
    Best fleet: Spectres - not my best technological fleet, but my longest and most faithful serving fleet bar none.
    Worst fleet: Base guard fleet - in that I don't use one.
    Newest fleet: Beserkers (should give you an idea of where i'm at with building stuff)
    Newest prize hull: V2-H

    Favorite parts of the game: The community, fleet design, trying to find (legit) ways to beat the game without coining and in a screwed up way the Kixeye forums (because of their futility)
    Least favorite part of the game: Kixeye.
    Current sector: 198 - I think, not been online for a while now

    I've been off and on BP for years, seen the highs, the lows and the current plummeting through the floor. I've been around longer than most of the Kixeye mods, their CMs and probably everyone else who works there now as well

    I pass on relevant info to my friends and my alliance that I unearth from the forums and Xihn and nukes awesome blog and that's about it. Most of the game content is rapidly accelerating beyond me as a non-coiner but I couldn't care less any more.

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    Welcome aboard to the rest of y'as ... thanks for joinin us

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