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  • Stalling for time to work on a solution

    4 13.33%
  • Stalling for time to keep money coming in

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Thread: The future of BP

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    I think that they are stalling for time for either managment and/or the devs to get back into control of their runaway cash cow.

    I get the feeling that BP was (and maybe still is) a cash cow from the managements view. The mangement is trying to squeeze whatever cash they can from the game but don't seem to know how to feed the
    cow as opposed to strangling it to death.

    On the other hand, the devs are staring at a huge mass of code that is held together with bandaids, duct tape, and bailing wire. They don't have time to fix things correctly so they bundle new items and mechanics in bundles and attempt to attach it to the pile well enough so that it sticks without hopefully pulling something else loose.

    I get the feeling that neither upper managment nor developers has a long term view of how the game should develop. The current view is at best 1 quarter ahead maybe not even that long.

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    I believe it is an easy case of smoke and mirrors, we all pretty much agree that the VXP repair modifier was a complete waste. The reality is 90 to 95% of the game will get a 10% discount which comes out to 6 minutes an hour. Yes thats 60 minutes every 10 hours and of course thats a grand total of 2 and 1/2 hours per 24 hours.

    My guess is Kixeye was thinking more people would reach into their pockets because in their mind 25% is kick ass....That breaks down to most people can pretty quickly get to 40ish% rank, but that still leaves around 1500 to 2000 coins needed to finish ranking them to get the 25%.

    If we just say 1750 coins for 6 hours of savings per day..... thats 12 coins you save so it would take you.....145 days of using that fleet to get your money back if it was destroyed daily. Now the 50% doesn't look as bad only taking 70ish days to get your money back, but the people who can afford to drop 150ish dollars on rank are not worried about the money anyway.

    The minimal gain of the VXP modifier is not enough to suck people into coining because paying to rank each fleet doesn't work at all. Now if Kixeye was really wanting to save us.....Why not just code in "Hull VXP" that way once you build or pay to rank said hull. Then when ever you build one it gets the 25% discount. That way a universal hull with multiple attributes might see people reach into their pocket.

    If we took that a step further, retrofits would add different "speciality abilities" or hell a special that gave 100% reload for something. I post shit here because it is a nice place and the game could be turned around pretty easy, but Kixeye has to want to do that..........

    I still say overall it comes down to
    Kixeye settling for the game breaking even to try and get more players
    Reduce the chores
    Hull VXP
    Ship decorator
    Reduce name change prices
    Loyalty log in bonus
    Combination hulls
    Cut down on raid difficulty
    Allow us to drop down to a raid system that lets us feel points to damage ratio is worth it and if that means grinding for 5 hours a day then so be it

    Overall, there have been tons of ideas thrown out and very few stick.....The bottom line BP is no where near the game is was in its prime. Doing the same things and expecting change just tells me the game is headed where Kixeye wants it to go.......Thats my 2 cents on it

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    I think they are :

    1) hurting financially many indicators comments on BV the insanely stupid new ideas coming in & the newest squeeze on WC

    2) have no real idea what they need to do to turn the game around ( if it can be saved at this point)

    3) have lost so many players now & are loosing paying players at an unsustainable rate

    4) fully deserve all the spite & venom thrown at them due to their own ignorance & unwillingness to listen, they have had hundreds of very good, easy to implement ideas given to them, very few have been taken up.

    5) have a player base that in a lot of cases now no longer cares & a lot have turned to hacking just to get enjoyment & damn the consequences

    6) and most importantly do not have enough faith in the product, or faith in what remains of their player base to make the mass changes needed to save the game IMHO.

    I have finally hit the point where I am going to seek re-imbursement in regards to the reapers, I saw this coming when they dropped the first nerf in & completely bolluxed it up. It means I have also hit the point where I am so fed up with their stupidity I no longer care if I go out with a banned tag rather than simply letting my base go inactive. it is a blatant rip-off, and one too many. one guy posted the math in the forum thread showing capping at 95% a BC with fully retrod P armour & sonar3 could detect them. Ironically it is the exact amount of time & resource dedication to stop reapers as is needed to make Reapers that useful in the first place. It's just plain stupid.

    Not to mention a thermal special of +15-20 would do it for the poor crybabies not willing to spend 2 weeks to keep them out with normal game mechanics.

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    I'm gonna go ahead and give this a preemptive bump before tomorrows update and the (scheduled) arrival of the "build and repair tokens" and the second set of repair specialists which will "not be free" this time out

    I'm curious to see whether the tokens and the specialists (and what's involved with them) will change anyones mind who has chipped in so far or whether any of our newer members wish to place a vote and/or their thoughts on this.
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    Wrote this a while ago. It's kinda long. Just wanted to post it somewhere before I deleted it off my computer.

    What gets me is the fact that most players in this game feel like they cannot take the word of the staff at face value. The reason there are so many conspiracy theories, is because truth is not forthcoming from the developers. Players are treated like idiots. Players are dismissed by staff. Players are not given any value.

    Part 1: Honesty - Why are posts that pose serious questions about the game and the developers not answered or worse locked/deleted? Answer the damn questions. Put the drama, and tin foil hat club to the side. If you admit it, you cannot be called out as a liar. I cannot believe that the management of this game fails to see how quickly they could change the dynamic just by answering questions, and being real and honest. Q & A’s are great. If all the Qs get As. Cherry picking makes the company look weak, and dishonest. It gives the pissed off players the upper hand, and changes the dynamic in a way that makes the game environment toxic.

    Part 2: Let us Have it!!!! - Why are players forced to unofficial sites, and people who bend the system, to get any real info on upcoming content? Don’t give me the “it’s being made up until the last minute” BS. I call BS on that all day. First, I have seen accurate info posted up to two weeks in advance (of course, not by Kixeye). Second, business that run on a model that plans nothing, fail. Those business do not last for 5 years and then fail, they fail quickly. Third, a game that is based on cycles, or iterations, has to have forethought in order to maintain balance. How can you be sure that the current iteration will mesh with the previous one, or the next one, if all three have not been planned prior to implementation?

    Part two of this plays in to the hands of pissed off tin foil hat wearing players. If there is no real reason given for lack of information, then players are forced to make up one. The logical reason that comes to mind is that Kixeye does not want players to prepare. By preparing, those players may not spend as much.
    You call this a strategy game. Players that Pay will still pay. Perhaps more players would pay, if they were actually given the chance to use strategy. Webster’s dictionary defines strategy as “a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time”. How is throwing a few fleets at targets to find out what is in them, strategy? Quite frankly it is not. Strategy is building the right ships prior to an event, and then applying those ships to the event in a careful manner.

    Honestly, you shoot yourselves in the foot by not coming out ahead of time, and calling things as they are. You all could get away with so much more if you were just honest and open about it upfront. There would be a whole lot less whining if you lot would allow people to prepare. At least allow me to purchase some KY before you have your way with me.

    Part 3: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... Its super buggggggggggg! - If I watch something happen multiple times, I simply will not listen to someone tell me it didn't happen. If I read a blue print for an item and then I build it, if it does not preform as the blue print said it would, it is not working as intended. Why are bugs not reported to players by the game devs? Honestly… when you hide bugs you look like crooks. When tickets are filed, there should be a tiered response system. If it is simple, let any idiot handle. If it is regarding an actual bug, or game mechanics, it should be elevated, and answered with care and respect. Copy/past CS is a waste of resources that infuriates customers. It would honestly be better to have no CS at all than to have the condescending useless copy/paste CS we have now. Call yourself out on your own bugs, and have an action plan for fixing them. This will silence the Tin foilers. This will only help change the dynamic in favor of the company, and help rebrand the company as something respectable.

    Part 4: It takes a community to make a game. Developers just guide it. - Successful games take community involvement seriously. For the most part, Kixeye ignores its players. The community is held together by bonds created in spite of Kixeye. You want forums free of K-Bashing, and tin foilers? Then include the community in the decision making process. I have played literally thousands of browser games in my gamer life. Most of them no longer exist. I even worked for a game company as CM type admin. (That company also failed) The one thing all those games had in common was that they failed to realize how vital the community was.
    Casual players don’t keep games going. They may supply some additional cash, but they usually cost money, and rarely stay for any amount of time. It is your hardcore player that sustains a game. They do this many ways. First they play. A lot. They build fan sites. They write guides. They post videos. They give the game its ultimate content. But, the biggest thing they CAN do for your company? Bring in fresh blood. There is no better recruiting tool than a happy customer. Ask any business in the world. A satisfied customer is worth their weight in bacon.

    Strengthen your community by making the game affordable to the average gamer. Most 16-24 year olds simply do not have the money to bankroll a game. They do have some micro transaction cash lying around. Earn it from them, by making the game worth what people are asked to pay for it, or lowering the cost to meet the budget of the average gamer.

    Strengthen your community by promoting their involvement. Ask them for their design concepts. Ask them to make videos. Ask them to plaster your name all over their facebook. Reward them for doing so. Host tournaments (not those silly FAT things that are a sad excuse for a tournament). Hold storyline contests. Hold contests for skin and theme designs. Have participation sales, or half price weekends.

    Strengthen your community by rewarding them. Most browsers games give daily rewards. A lot of them allow you to earn in game currency. What does a player receive in BP for leveling up? As of now, for hitting level 50, you become a whipping post… can’t think of anything else really tied to leveling. Just game difficulty. That my friends is... DUMB. ALMOST EVERY GAME rewards a player for reaching the next level. They also give quality achievements to work towards, and adequate prize for reaching goals.

    Part 5: If it doesn’t work fix it or nix it – Mercenary fleets, research tech and hulls, friends for alternate platforms, medals, broken content, general rectal pains. Either make them work properly, and bring them to a current standard of things, or take them out of the game completely. Nothing is worse in a game than things that do not work. This really hits the nerves of a gamer, especially a strategy gamer. If something is so blatantly horrible, or uselessly outdate, or in general a waste of server resources... fix it. If a fix cannot be made, then eliminate the content altogether.

    Part 6: New content – It is hard in a PVP strategy game to really stay current, or even stay playing at all, when content is pushed so frequently players don’t get a chance to implement it before something better comes along. In BP, new content is frequently over powered. What this does is antiquate older content, and force players to either coin big and stay on top, or give up to some degree. The last thing you want is for any player to quit because the feel like they are throwing good money on top of bad. Why would I buy your new ship for 400 bucks when the one I bought three months ago can no longer fight anything other than n00b or baby bases? This is a game after all. 400 dollars is a more than weekly salary for some folks. There is no sport nor strategy involved in pay to win. Whales get bored. Game dies because you have priced all but the whales out of the game. The only way to make pay to win profitable is to make the cost of the win affordable.. Either change the content where it is better priced, or slow down on pushing new content. Plain and simple.

    Part 7: The TOS - Stop hiding behind your TOS. If you want to be a professional, reputable game company then act like one.

    This company can claim all day long that a player just buys time, but that is far from the whole truth. We buy content. Put the buying time mask on it all you want, but that is only a portion of the truth. No one just buys time. All the time in the world is useless without content to apply it to. It is the content that gives the time value. Therefore, we buy the damn content.

    Most credit card company’s agree. Sure it’s ban able to have a charge back on coins. So what? How many chargebacks can your company handle before it’s forced out of business? If everyone who bought coins for the raid were to ask for a chargeback, and get it, would Kixeye’s doors be open on Monday to ban me anyway?

    Stop changing live content, and using the TOS as a shield. This pisses players off. A pissed player is not one that often seeks revenge. Sure it says in your TOS that you can do what you want. But banks and credit card companies have their own TOS that supersede yours. The state of California, and the US government also have a TOS of sorts. They supersede your rules as well. Please don’t act like that your company has the last word. Your company can face financial loss, and other hardships imposed by pissed off players. Ultimately your TOS is not worth the fee you paid the lawyer to write it.

    The only ramification your company can impose is denial of service. There are many avenues the customer can take to make your lives hell. When things get to that point, who gives a damn if you deny them service? They can get around your bans. They can torture you till the end of existence. All you can do is keep kicking them off.

    Terms of service are simply a set of rules that a company provides. This is not a binding contract, and it is not the rule of law. More importantly it is not a shield for a company to hide behind when they fail at all aspects of business. Really all a TOS does is say if you don’t do the way I want you too, I will take my ball and go home, and we won’t be friends anymore.

    Part 8: Conclusion – I wrote this about a month before I quit playing battle pirates. At this point, it is what it is, and I know that no matter what I say, things will not change. Honestly. I don’t know what the future of BP holds. I know one thing though, unless the do something to bring me back… I’ll just check in from time to time to eat up some of their server resources.

    Players deserve better. People in general deserve better. A paying customer is a business’s best friend. A stupid line in a TOS that no one reads, which gives Kixeye the right to suck, does not give them an excuse for sucking.

    If anyone finds something along the same lines, that doesn’t cost a fortune, and has an active player base... Drop me a line at [email protected]
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    ^ this should be on the other forum too and made into kixeye staff t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats etc..

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    Post this!

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    Battle Pirates development is basically like a very skilled game of snake. Development must always continue moving forward and each new update adds just a little bit more to the snake. To Kixeye's credit, they can plan far enough ahead to keep themselves from running into their own tail but eventually, they'll just run out of room to maneuver and the game will end.

    Because I'm Batman

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    I like the analogy, but I think they've been stepping on their snake for some time.

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    Well said!! Many of the points you make I have posted on Kixeye to no avail. As a non-coiner, I find myself just falling further and further behind. While I'll probably continue to play until the bitter end, I find myself questioning why I'm investing as much time in this as I do.....

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