I got a wild hair today and started thinking about about BP and some of the "fun" things I was going to do in the game, or more in looking at how the game presented things.

Not sure if I'll come back or honestly how much the behind the scene stuff has changed in the past years since I was thankfully banned (so much more free time).

At that point in time subs were fairly new, but they were simply "hidden" on the map by the json attribute of true/false. This is honestly why I thought I'd been banned as I was doing some testing the night before on this, but that testing was on my wife's account, not mine, so I knew it wasn't why once I sat back and had some time to digest it.

I was also thinking about doing a master map of a sector, showing everything that was on the map at a given time when queried. That may be subs, ships, base coords, etc.

May have to dink around with it in my spare time one of these days and drop back in for a few days to see where the world is and who is still around. Then decide if it is worth any coding on my wend or not.