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Thread: How to win War Games

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    How to win War Games

    It's not a cakewalk for me. If I make 1 poor match-up choice - that gen gets crusted.

    #1 - Bears. Own Theseus and Orion. Their baronet tactic is a game-changer on numerous levels. You should be developing these two no matter what you currently have.

    #2 - Tactics are everything. I have Achilles and Hepa as hero killers. Their tactic is to be used against dangerous purple gens within the first few seconds of battle. (need to learn to time this as they often need to be softened up first. Goal is to not let them launch). I want nothing to do with an Achilles - Agamemnon - Jason tactic. They crush you. Agamemnon and Jason are linear - they hit what is front of their face and you can substitute a "captured general" to take the brunt. Achilles is the real dick. He targets your A1A gen and smashes him. You cannot let hero killers touch your main gens.

    #3 - My Orion is the target of special attacks. He gets fucked up. I have all his armor upgraded to defend against skill attacks. This is anti-power in the grand scheme but better for this event. His tactic is virtual garbage in my close out scheme. His bears and his long life is what I try to preserve.

    #4 - Atlanta and Theseus are my spreaders. I send Hepa and Achilles special ATKS as soon as rounds starts as they kill the primary attacker. I time Atlanta's and Theseus's special to offset right before minor gens might hit me. It is a feel thing really... Hero killers take out the problem. These two close the deal before you really start to get hit with tactics.

    #5- Make all captured gens fight for you. Play the match-up game - give one of your key gens a seat on the bench when the match-up is unfavorable and your new "captured gen" is fresh.

    #6 - I loved sending 5 captured gens against the fresh field to soften up the match-up for my real gens the next round. Eventually this battle takes too long and you get timed out. If the opp wins they get a full re-load. That is why it is important to change up your line-up and sometimes soften up your captured crew.

    #7 - My first hero with a beauty that is about to die - I often pair with 3-4 captured gens for a fight. Beauty's are bad-asses. They often carry me 1 round further when the tank is on E and I advance off the captured generals. The game is 15 rounds. My main gens should not fight more than 12-13.
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    Sure now you tell us!

    So I typically pay the 2 gold to recruit them when it fails. Figure it is well worth the few gold there. I started over in Kings of War and the one thing is making sure you don't just blindly level up your character too. Need to balance your power level to your player level. If you go up to fast you won't beat War Game! Good to have info above though to be sure!

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