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    Once you get to lvl 80, you can start doing reforge. For me I waited until about level 82, as that is when I had finished getting all my stuff to Master.

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    Like SL, it is a bit of a gamble/luck

    First time you use it it will change all 3 over to Lv.1, if they all match then you get a bonus.

    I had 60 Reforge Crystals when I started, I used them all up on a single thing. If I had that to do over, I'd instead bumped all 30 pieces of armor/weapons to lvl 1, instead of using them all on a single piece trying to get the lvls up on it.

    For me after 60 tries, I had 2 at lvl 3, and 1 at lvl 4 on that single piece.

    To get more Reforge Crystal you need to build/buy more Master grade stuff and then salvage it.

    Sword will get you 450
    Armor will get you 400

    So if you are able to build one every day, or day and a half, that is quite a few reforge tries each day.

    More tomorrow or the next day when I have something to try again with.

    Most likely will stay away from Sword/Helmet as they cost more essence to build for only 50 more Reforge Crystal

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    Takes awhile to get there to be sure!

    From chat posts:
    After you complete a refine it goes to 10
    need to reach level 100 before going any further than that

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