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Thread: Couple of critical things I have learned.

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    Couple of critical things I have learned.

    #1 Always fight the dragon. Rewards are always good. Don't ever shoot for top kills. Does not pay out anything extra from what I am seeing. Always get a piece - and then come back and wait until the end to position yourself for a potential kill.

    #2 - Night time cross servers are fairly boring - Yet you will need military tickets from Cross states wars to advance your iron production. Posted previously about having to use these tickets to buy essence of relics (Exchange Store - yellow diamonds).

    #3 - Tech Development - TOP PRIORITY should be DEVELOPMENT TECH - GREAT TECH - BATTLE MERIT REWARDS LEVEL 3. Just got this yesterday and wish someone told me this much sooner. There are some pre-qualifiers you most hit to get access to this - make it happen. It increases both battle merit making it much easier to hit all the free dailies as well as gives out bigger rewards across the board.

    #4 - Equipment - Got all my gens something - and now it is trickle down economics. Chasing Master Only - Once I forge that I put on my general with Meteorite. That Meteorite is passed down to someone with Mythril. Mythril passed to someone with iron. You can get a 1 master piece in about 3 days by just game play. Salvage EVERYTHING. I flush any equipment not in use as well as all green gens. Only save blue gens for Alliance of Hereos ( Another forum post that will show you all that you need for each level ).

    #5 - Mounts - I coin this because I want to ride the goat Big Time. And when I ride that goat it will be bareback. The accessories for this just cost way too much IMO and something I won't chase.

    # 6 - Hero Events / SL Celebrities - Waste of resources if you can't walk into a city and kill all 15 guards without your 5 gens dying.

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    #2, there are 2 types of rewards from those I believe, not sure if it rotates or what, but one needed for relics, one for nobility.

    #4, I personally have gone to just outfitting all of my gens with whatever I can put on them at the time. Initially got Iron on them all, then as I could afford a steel piece here there until I had them all decked out in steel, then on to Mithril and now even have a few Meteorite pieces. So far I've kept up to 3 of all generals, even the green ones as they don't take up bag space and I have wanted to make sure I have 'em if I need them later instead of missing them.

    #6, I completely agree, right now, too weak to do the Heroes Reunion. I pick up a few here/there of the event troops, but I'm not wasting drafts on it anymore for the time being. You have to be able to kill the entire thing off to get a single beer/scroll/horse, so right now, not worth the drafts in most cases.

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