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Thread: Spending Trade Orders

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    Spending Trade Orders

    If an upgrade ever comes - have an interesting dilemma that likely applies to all to a degree. Where do you get the most value out of your trade orders?

    The first 3/5 elements for each silk road will only generate a 1X multiplier for their respective categories. Assuming you have the wine upgarde to get a second chance on every silk road trip, total trip cost would be 123 attempts (5+40+200) collecting 2 per trip. Trade order would cut that in half to 62 total trips. Saving 62 trips.

    If I ran the bare minimum on collection for those 62 trips to get the first 3 done as fast as possible - I likely have over 3K (900+2500-250ish from 1-3 collection) to still collect in the 4th and 5th stage. This is where I think you play the luck game. There are times when I collect 3 and other times I get 25. I think the mean is probably 12 ish. Even at 12 that is 250 trips down the silk road. Using trade orders all the time could cut 125 trips off the total. Yet that is gambling on a good outcome.

    And that is where I sit. I will use every trade order to get through the first 3 as quick as possible because the cost is fixed and you know you are getting value. Then it becomes the hot cold game. I catch a bunch of stinkers going after the 4/5 element in that silk road - I will double down with a trade order to try to catch a biggins multiplier.

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    I used to save them for 4th and 5th, but because of the average of 10-15 I started using them more often on 1-3 as well.

    I'm still not sold on the camel bell, but anymore I use everything I can to get through silk road as quick as possible!

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