Some still don't seem to understand fireballs to the full, so quick and dirty:
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Blue did well to completely cut us off from the city.

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Each time you click on 'extinguish' your gen will get teleported back to your main city and be slightly damaged. Have to do it 100 times to put out the fire.

I tend to do this on rb and then manually tell my general to start moving back towards the fireball before it wastes a recruiting horn.

The fireball will eat away at the generals in the first 4 lines or so, but won't kill them in and of itself. Lowest it will do is get you down to 3 health.

Even with a fireball going, if you have a lyle up front and use a kings flag, you may be able to take out 2 generals and finish off the area. It is very hit/miss, but worth a try.

If you are going to use a fireball you want to try to own the cities around it, or at least have enough phants to block them off. You'll also want to have quite a few kings flags to push as many of the enemy through that wall of flame as you can!