The new people from the merge haven't seen the Legion march out before.

Tonight we used it late in the evening (2300+) and so many of our new faction members had questions on what the green flag was on the mini map (for those of you not on at the time:
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In the mini map you can see the Green flag, that indicates where on the map the legion currently is.

On the main map you can see them sitting in Templeton.

Once a day the King can call for donations to the legion, you can donate 10 phantoms total, first 100 phants in are what they get to run around with. They can duel or rush with them. If we don't get 100, the legion "falls apart" and the king can't try for it again until the next day.

You want to make sure you are donating your best dueling generals to the legion when you submit to it. The legion isn't used as a blocking force, but as a dueling force normally.

While the legion is being controlled, the king has no control of his generals though.

Butt can add any more details he likes.