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Thread: Zenith Stones

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    Zenith Stones

    Once you've maxed your level, finished Silk Road 5, and beaten Rielle you can get Zenith Stones (instead of just gems for your experience). Not sure if you really have to have all of that, but I think you must at least beat rielle, at least I didn't get this option that I recall until I had, even though I was lvl 185 and had SR5 done, but all a blur to be honest now.

    Click on the Shield and Sword icon along the bottom (bottom right corner of picture below) > click on craftsmaster

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    Right now in the above pic I have 2/3 of the points I need to get a single Zenith Stone. It takes 20M experience points to get a single zentih stone.

    You need 3000 points to get the first "new" armor from this (supposedly there may be more, no idea for sure).

    1 upgrade point costs you one of the following:
    50 tarots
    ? wine (only shows up when you run out of tarots)
    8000 gems
    5 zenith stones

    So if you are just going off of experience, it will take you 5*3000*20m = 300B exp

    At this point I'm saving all my tarots, wine and gems and just doing this off of zenith stones.

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    2.5 months since I posted this (not sure how long I'd already had the ability when the original post was done) I'm now at 461/3000. Very slow going and I normally am on quite a bit so getting a lot of zenith stones per day compared to most I think.

    It is something to work towards, but not something that will happen quickly, that is for sure.

    With that said though, I'm only using zenith stones for it, not using tarots, gems, wine, etc. Still holding out hope they'll do another upgrade some day and I may want those! Even if I were to use those though, I'd still be under 1000/3000, so not really worth losing 'em at this time.

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