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Thread: Beating Rielle

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    Beating Rielle

    I tried the info in that thread by Butt over and over and could get down to about 3, but that was as close as I could normally get.

    I ended up putting silas as a squire on blackstone and swapped out the squire I had on him to the main general (hangred). Ran that a few times and still was in the 3 rows left boat. Finally decided to try swapping hangred out for jeasson.

    Order was:
    Jeasson (ult Hippo lvl3 dynasty)
    Heavenly Anders w/ Aslak squire (Ult Divine Armor)
    Grenwood (Ult Mandala New Reign)
    Blackstone w/ Silas squire (Ult Ancient Armor)
    Serenay (Ult Rose New Reign lvl 2)

    Just used Jeasson to do best he could, once he was down to last row, used special to buff Anders.
    Anders ripped through and I was "even" at the end, 2 generals of mine dead, 2 of his and lots of his behind that damaged from Anders multi row attack
    Gren used his initial drop fire and ate thru the damaged rows from before, using special with very last Gren, prepping for Blackstone
    Blackstone ate through his 4th general and a 1.5 into the 5th
    Serenay killed the last half of that, then used the trick to immediately cast special and take a rielle over (

    I had 4.2 serenay's to 2 rielle's, got nervous for a min, but in the end had about 1/2 of my hero serenay and killed the last rielle.

    Note: Also used the paragon trick, if you don't know about it, ask in game.

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    For me, I have the following gems setup:
    Flamberge: Brave, Thunder
    Invisible Helmet: Rage, Fortitued
    Summoner's Staff: Judge, Crit

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