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So it seems that the camel bell costs 4 times the price but gives 5 times rewards. Example, instead of getting one fragment I get 5. It's good for burning through a lot of wine fast if you're short on time and maxed out on wine.

I did find one nice use for the camel bell today involving friendly state.
- If you save up and do the first level of friendly state you get zero progressive events for 10 trips (zero of those "pay 20 tarots to cross events"). So, I got my camel bell ready, then got friendly state and used camel bell on first trip of no progressive events. Then when I did 6 more trips I used camel bell again. So instead of getting 10 trips with zero progressive events I got (8 normal trips) + (2 camel bell trips which equal 8 trips). So I ended up with the equivalent of 16 trips with zero progressive events. On SR5 that was HUGE. I usually get 2 progressive events per run on SR5. So 16 runs times 40 tarots equals I saved 640 tarots.
Only did this one time with Flash - yet bought out to first level of Friendly state event. Had a HUGE run with Camel Bell - 300 Purple in one trip. Wanted to test this with BH when it opens again yet think this event has the potentially to be the one event worth doing moving forward based on Fortu's response.