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Thread: Draco Plan 1.7.18

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    Draco Plan 1.7.18

    *Likely missing some people - listing people that can't make it too. Please advise either way*

    Team 1 : Attacking mini bosses 1&2 in South All rush phants for team-1 in naya town - Please drop your duels in the town after your name

    rick-rootwood town - Rick fights mini boss
    penair-logan oldtown - Pen fights mini boss
    kronnus-volcano town
    krauss-longshan northp
    pretor-naya townAT
    snow-harry town
    rhea-longshon town
    dinos-harry town
    Dom4-moonshire west
    Sir Tommy-longan east
    xnih-moonshire west
    chunky-eli harbor,
    jenna-longan east
    wolfe-welly city
    mav -welly city
    basag and bsg2 -eli harbor
    Teddy Scare - Rotwood
    Grucho & Benny - Logan Oldtown
    Angel - Rotwood
    Phil - Rotwood
    Drake - Rotwood

    Team 2: This team will be using all their phants to build a platform to continually rush forward towards the mini boss in the NE corner. All duel phants are to be saved for the Mini boss. New path is to be as follows:

    Lecky Harbor - Lecky City - Raphael West (DROP ALL RUSH PHANTS @ RAPHAEL WEST TEAM 2) - Raphael Town - Braby Cove- Braby North - Braby North - Braby - Roaring Hill - Lania - Saville City - Shimizu - then assignments into Shimizu North and Shimizu South. Key to plan is to immediately release duels in mini boss city you are assignment within 1 minute of entering.

    Butt - Hold Malmuks - Fights Mini Boss Shi North
    Scar - Hold Malmuks - Fights Mini Boss Shi South
    flash - Hold Malmuks - Shi South
    sol - Shi South
    randy - Hold Malmuks - Shi North
    sinful Shi South
    fortu - Shi North
    sonofsin - Shi South
    demen - Shi North
    shera - Shi South
    berry - Hold Malmuks - Shi North
    blackdef - Shi North
    link - Shi South
    diamonds - Shi North
    exeter - Shi South
    dragisa - Shi North
    tiger - Shi South
    marois - Shi North
    ranger - Shi South
    devon - Shit North
    Dawkin - Shi South
    dawk2 - Shi South
    devon - Shi South
    creecher - Shi South
    treefiddy - Shi North
    Team DeathPunch - Shi South

    Team 2 by the numbers: We need to get through a dozen cities as fast as possible on this route - this pathway needs to be blazed (want entire path on fire before the first couple of cities are even finished off). I'm speculating at least 600 per city with the help our rush phants constantly moving forward to move as fast as what is needed. That means each person should put about 40 at each city along the path. You can Red battle - yet it is critical you keep at least one gen designated to do nothing but rush and plant phants. This designated general should be whom you will duel with in Shi South/North. For those under level 170 I suggest Serenay. For those with Awk Chancery I suggest him. Lyle is not a good choice unless you are very strong.

    We drop approximately 1000 duels in each mini boss. The right selection of duel should significantly soften the enemy for malmuks to be released in the minutes to follow if needed. Speed is everything.

    This plan is a designed test to see which team performs better and people going rouge only lead us to incorrect conclusions. I'd like to win this next go around, yet we need to know the data to make the correct tweaks.
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