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    List of Daily Events

    As people mention events all the time, my memory seems to fail me more and more, so I'm making a list. Will keep modifying this as the events show up:

    Name:  beer.JPG
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Size:  9.8 KB - Reward General (better known as beer!) - 2 day event. Get 300 beer total from your first 3 merit chests from the day (make sure you don't open them between 2310 and 2400 the night before). Over the course of the day, pick up the carved ham on the map (Reward General). Use beer and ham to bump the level of your generals.

    Name:  starlight.JPG
Views: 170
Size:  9.4 KB - Starlight Gem Ablution - 1 day event. How big the tree is depends on how high your gem association is and how many you can click on there. Once you are higher level this event no longer works/matters, but still shows up. You can use diamonds to help advance your gems along the way. Nice feature earlier on in the game.
    Name:  gemwheel.JPG
Views: 178
Size:  9.6 KB - Gem Wheel - 1 or 2 day event (depends) - you can "raise mult", the external rings multiplier and you get 2 free spins. This is one of those events that annoys me, it looks like you get get a lot more spins, but you have to start paying for them, paying for the multiplier, etc.
    Name:  gem.JPG
Views: 178
Size:  9.5 KB - Gem Deposit - 1 day event. Use bombs to blow up a gem deposit. Goal is to completely destroy one deposit (out of the 3-5 on screen) so that you can go to the next level. There are 20 levels total. Once you run out of bombs you can use diamonds to keep blowing stuff up. I normally use 16 diamonds each round to get through #5 and #6. As you progress through a bomb will cost more and mode diamonds.
    Name:  gemore.JPG
Views: 166
Size:  9.4 KB - Gem Ore - 2 day event. Pick up ore, get 3 wacks at it, get lots of gems. After the first 15 are done it starts doubling. Every now and then you might get a purple or yellow ones that bigger/better. Only can break 5 of the special ones without paying diamonds. Good way to pick up a lot of gems in a short period.

    Silk Road:
    Name:  wineoffer.JPG
Views: 177
Size:  9.7 KB - Wine Offer - 1 day event. Notice this picture is used for 2 different events. Vouchers for this event are from daily merit, you can get a max of 900 by default, 300 for each of the 3 merits. Any extra you need to purchase stuff comes out of your diamonds. Once you buy 5 you can get a X2, next 5, x3, etc. I normally buy the cheapest to get to my x2 or x3. On Wine I normally just stick to buying Tarot's as much as I can.
    Name:  maritime.JPG
Views: 175
Size:  9.7 KB - Maritime Silk Road - 1 day event. No good worthless stealing pain in the butt event Not sure what the % chance of hiring sailors, but I've had it get all 4 with 4 chances and fail on getting 1 out of 10 tries. Good to get some silk road items, but it is one of those events that drives me crazy!
    Name:  friendlystate.JPG
Views: 167
Size:  10.0 KB - Friendly State - 1 day event. Get some wine and tarots for free. Move far enough up in the ladder (ie spend enough coin) and make silk road easier. I normally try to bank up enough wine/tarots and do as much as I can during these events.
    Name:  expense.JPG
Views: 162
Size:  9.5 KB - Expense Reward - 2 day event. For the coiners (or those who've saved a lot of diamonds up), good chance to pick up a bit more wine and tarots. If timed right with other things where you have to spend diamonds, nice little bonus.

    Name:  goldbar.JPG
Views: 176
Size:  9.5 KB - Alloy Mine. - 1 day event. Use the bombs you get free, plus the ones you get from daily merit to get alloy and gold alloy. With the gold alloy you can "cast artifact", but to get enough gold alloy to do it, you're going to have to spend diamonds. With your 18 free bombs you'll walk away with 24000 alloy and 200 gold alloy.
    Name:  alloygiveaway.JPG
Views: 177
Size:  9.8 KB - Alloy Giveaway - 1 day event. Requires you kill of Deserters along the way. 20 of them gets you 200 alloy (up to 15 times). You can also pay diamonds for 300, 700 and 800 alloy.
    Name:  alloygiveaway2.JPG
Views: 163
Size:  9.3 KB - Alloy Giveaway (2) - 1 day event. Uses the same icon as the Wine Offer above, and works the same way, except here, you get alloy and can use diamonds as well.
    Name:  ironprayer.JPG
Views: 176
Size:  9.3 KB - Iron Prayer - 1 day event. Use diamonds to pray for alloy (or lower level probably iron based on name!) Pray enough times and you get "free" stuff (if you had to pay all those diamonds is it really free?)
    Name:  exploit2.JPG
Views: 156
Size:  9.2 KB - Exploitation Event - 1 day event. Instead of only being able to capture 50 prisoners on these days you get 100. Use them to break rock, 5 at a time to start with, changing to 10 later on. To destroy the whole pile and get a "mysterious gift" you'll have to used some diamonds. The top pile is worth 100 alloy for 5 workers, middle row is worth 200 for 5 workers, bottom row changes to 10 workers and is worth 1500 alloy.
    Name:  maritime.JPG
Views: 175
Size:  9.7 KB - Treasure Island - 1 day event. Same icon as Meritime, in this you get to dig up 5 treasures free, wine/tarots

    Name:  flip.JPG
Views: 175
Size:  10.1 KB - Super Flip - 1 day event. Get extra attempts hourly rewards. Great if you get the 80 luck and start getting into the 2, 3 or 5 times, but a bit slow and annoying anymore. Would be nice if they'd add some alloy in instead of iron maybe. If an 80 luck pops up and it is "early" in it I'll pay diamonds on it, but that is about it anymore.
    Name:  fishing.JPG
Views: 172
Size:  9.4 KB - Fishing Event - 2 day event. You have to remember to do it each day and start it in enough time to complete it each day (5 hours - 3m * 100 fishing attempts). You can get free merit and experience for it.
    Name:  liana.JPG
Views: 160
Size:  9.6 KB - Liana gift box - 2 day event. Recharge (buy) diamonds and get larger gift boxes? Otherwise pick them up in the fortresses as they show up. 20 can be reclaimed a day.
    Name:  weekend.JPG
Views: 171
Size:  9.2 KB - Weekend Exploration - 5-7 day event, never really pay attention, happens every week. You can get Experience, gems or vouchers from it. 60k voucher maybe, 4000 gems, and 10m exp.
    Name:  dice.JPG
Views: 171
Size:  10.0 KB - New Ancient Ruins (better known as Dice) - 2 day event. Make sure on day one you do your hourly rewards and pick up 8 more dice. On average you get 120-160 phants from event, not sure about other stuff.
    Name:  exploit.JPG
Views: 169
Size:  9.8 KB - Exploit - 2 day event. Lots of things you can get, but a bit of a pain to remember to go clear them all the time so more pop up!
    Name:  connections.JPG
Views: 161
Size:  9.4 KB - Making Connections (celebrity)- 3 day event. Used to love this on small server and banking the stuff to help generals go up levels. Anymore 3 days of event troops showing up on the far side of the map, never the ones you need, etc. I normally try to logging the night it is released and bank 150+ of each type, horse, gem, sword, as you never know if you only play in evening if you'll get what you need in time to get through the 15 connections for the day (case in point, it is 19:33, I have 55 horse, 0 sword, 359 gem and haven't been able to get the first connection done yet, may not make this one). The cool thing is you only have to do 40 of the 45 connections to get the end treasure, 1-50 tarots. Total of each type you need is ~450 over the course of the 3 days, 150 of each * 3 days.
    Name:  barbs.JPG
Views: 155
Size:  9.2 KB - The barbarian King (Barbs) - 2 day event. The more phants you release the closer you get to "capturing" the king and getting vouchers. Always choose the lower left hand side treasure. The high one is always either the one at 7 or 8 oclock.
    Name:  sword.JPG
Views: 158
Size:  9.9 KB - Adv Holy Light Sword (sword) - 1 day event (used to be 3). Kill, get experience and get bonus exp depending on how far you get. Total of 13 or so levels to it. 1.5 to 2 hour "cool" down between going up to the next area. Bonus lasts 24 hrs. Good way to get more exp!
    Name:  recharge.JPG
Views: 153
Size:  9.6 KB - Recharge Rewards - 1 day event. Pay diamonds, get rewards (gold, vouchers, iron, exp, free phants, advanced shire books, all random; based on your level on certain amounts of each you get supposedly)
    Name:  fenir.JPG
Views: 120
Size:  9.2 KB - Fenrir - 3 day event. Pick up shackles (from shackle troops), use them to get Wine/Tarot, Iron/Alloy (10,000 alloy, 50 yellow book and 30/60/90 dimes), or Gems. I normally do the Wine/Tarot one.

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    2017-10-03 - Liana Giftbox, Alloy Giveway (coupon version), Starlight Gem Ablution (tree thingy)
    2017-10-04 - Making Connections, Gem Wheel , Friendly State
    2017-10-05 - dice, alloy mine, and general rewards (beer)
    2017-10-06 - barb king and wine/tarrot gift box
    2017-10-07 - exploitation, expense rewards, card flip, adv sword, and perk storm with unicorn
    2017-10-08 - meritime silk road, Alloy giveaway (deserters)
    2017-10-09 - Gem Deposit, Gem Ore, Tree, Alloy Giveaway
    2017-10-10 - Dice, Fishing, Recharge Rewards, Friendly State
    2017-10-11 - gem wheel, celebrity, alloy mine
    2017-10-12 - wine gift box (wine/tarot vouchers) and card flip
    2017-10-13 - barb king, meritime silk road, and gem exploit
    2017-10-14 - gem deposit and general rewards
    2017-10-15 - alloy gift box, expense rewards, exploitation, recharge event
    2017-10-16 - Friendly state, Scenario reward, Recharge vouchers, Gem wheel
    2017-10-17 - dice, adv sword, card flip and alloy mine
    2017-10-18 - wine/tarot gift box, alloy giveaway(old one), and gem deposit
    2017-10-19 - celebrity, meritime silk road, and gem ore
    2017-10-20 - barb king, fishing event, exploitation, and a recharge event
    2017-10-21 - gem wheel and alloy gift box
    2017-10-22 - general rewards, exploit, expense rewards, and treasure island (sort of like meritime)
    2017-10-23 - scenario rewards, Friendly state (and flip?)
    2017-10-24 - dice, wine/tarot gift box, and alloy giveaway
    2017-10-25 - starts card flip, gem deposit, alloy mine, and a recharge event
    2017-10-26 - gem wheel, perk storm with unicorn, celebrity, and meritime silk road (old one)
    2017-10-27 - alloy gift box, adv sword, and exploitation
    2017-10-28 - barb king, gem ore, alloy mine, and exploit
    2017-10-29 - alloy giveaway, card flip, and Fenrir
    2017-10-30 - dice, friendly state, friendly state trade orders, wine/tarot gift box, recharge event, expense rewards, witch's candy, and general rewards
    2017-10-31 - meritime silk road (new one) and gem deposit
    2017-11-01 - meritime silk road (old one), gem wheel, and fishing event
    2017-11-02 - alloy gift box and celebrity
    2017-11-03 - dice, gem deposit, exploit and alloy mine
    2017-11-04 - wine/tarot gift box, liana's gift box, card flip, barb king, and perk storm with unicorn
    2017-11-05 - meritime silk road (old one), general rewards, and alloy giveaway
    2017-11-06 - meritime silk road (new one) and gem wheel
    2017-11-07 - adv sword, friendly state, and celebrity
    2017-11-08 - perfect storm. alloy mine and alloy gift box
    2017-11-09 - recharge event, card flip, dice, gem deposit, and exploitation
    2017-11-10 - alloy giveaway, expense rewards, gem ore, and exploit
    2017-11-12 - wine/tarot event
    2017-11-13 - barb king, gem wheel, fishing event and meritime silk road (old one)
    2017-11-14 - friendly state and general rewards

    For tracking now that the oracle is blinded.... (no few hour heads up anymore)
    2017-11-15 - Alloy Mine, Treasure Island, Alloy Giveaway, Giftbox, Iron Prayer

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    The oracles abilities have been slain with a merger!

    So, possible for tomorrow is the following, but by no means guaranteed!

    2017-11-15 - celebrity, alloy mine and alloy gift

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