So 10+ years ago I did a lot of work on passive OS fingerprinting. I was one of the early people that presented on DHCP fingerprinting at Blackhat Japan in 2007, which is now mainstream in many products. I was one of 3 groups that all figured it out in about a 6-12 month time frame, we just happened to be the ones to take it the next step and present on it. Funny thing was, we found a University in Japan had been onto it a few years prior, but it was never published in English and didn't make it out very far.

All of that to say, 10+ years later, yet another unique project out there, to passively track things and in a place many never looked and I know for sure, not a place I would have.

Too many other projects right now, but this one goes on my board as one to look into and create in the future. Will be interesting to see what type of fingerprint db gets put together for it. And while they are currently tracking phones and detecting model with them (though based on author appears can pretty much track a specific user) since it is IR based, could be used to detect many other day to day objects as well.

Cool concept to be sure!