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    Watchtower event squad

    *Forgot to put this in Strategy.

    1 blocker, 1 ECM bot (70%), 3 unarmored damage dealers. Roughly 4 hours damage total on stages 1-3 just going in blind after stage 1 not knowing what the fuck I'm doing, but I did one shot 2 and 3. EDIT 1: 2 hours on stage 4 with my shit driving, so 70ish coin per ~1.7M. It'll be a grind to get everything, but they gave ample time.

    EDIT 2: Getting a little better at driving, avoiding the mortars and keeping the blocker far enough out so the shells don't splash the bots behind it. Just under an hour repair each level. Doing 2, then repair. Got surprised once when they spawned on the south side with me. Ate a lot of damage I otherwise wouldn't have had to. If that happens again, I'll probably mash the withdraw button (EDIT: this works and you won't take damage if you do it fast enough). As much as I'd like to flex my new 6700K, I haven't looked for a decent free video editor, so I won't likely be posting a video.

    EDIT 3: Had a good run on the first 2 levels with 90 minutes total repair. Something happened on encounter 3 and my blocker took a lot more damage for some reason. It died in encounter 4 (didn't repair first) and got 2.5 hours for 3 and 4. So I don't think I'll be doing much better than 4 hours total right now.

    First note that these are regular Longswords. I don't have DX. They would of course be performing better (higher base health and stock resistances but same base repair time as regular LS). The premise is that the blocker is the fastest one so it can get there and take hits away from the towers if needed and of course your own bots. The ECM slows the shit out of every weapon they have. 7 second reloads become 23 seconds. 2 seconds (guessing) on the machine guns becomes 6 seconds. Not so great there but it takes a little pressure off the blocker who can already soak up bullets like a champ. Just remember, weapons won't be slowed down until they fire while being affected by the debuff circle (follows same rule as weapons fire using bot radius). It won't affect weapons currently reloading. Then there's the 3 damage dealers loaded with many Nyx guns. Machine guns are short range, but do the best single target DPS.

    For the most part, I usually let the bots get close to the towers letting the towers and walls take a few hits to try and minimize my damage. That also keeps me near the middle so I can get to whichever side they're coming from. I don't go out chasing them even if they spawn on the side I'm already at. I also rush the ones that are any combination of missile/cannon/mortar bots when they're the only ones left so they can't fire at all if it occurs to me.


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    ECM bot

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    Damage dealer EDIT: Using solid propellant instead should provide a little more average DPS given the messed up way they calculate accuracy bonuses. Nyx guns have a pretty high accuracy and don't really need more. Yard is busy at the moment though, so won't be refitting any time soon.

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