So, will continue to do BP updates, but not really that interested in advancing the toolset....... May take it up with someone if there is some interest shown.

Most of you do not know the previous incarnations of this website... this domain has just passed 10 years in my ownership.. (wow time flies)

It has had 4 re-incarnations of sorts, and always seems to have a burst of popularity, then fizzle out ...

The sad fact is people don't seem to like being educated.. Run around cutting your hand with a machete doing fruit ninja, get tons of hits and people go wild... Try to educate and well.. no place for that

I'm looking for the next thing to do with this site, there are many lurkers, I have to believe there are people interested in things other than the current content of this board. What kinda stuff interests you, what type of community would keep you coming back for more?

Thinking out loud here, but feel free to answer as well. I greatly appreciate the regulars that visit the forum, and I apologize for my absence as of late. Things are changing around a bit, I still have a ton going on IRL but would like to build this place up some, and at least get it to pay for itself

I'm still at the point where work is frustrating me, I would love to find a way to work from home, spend time with the family, and enjoy my job again.... not sure where i was heading with this line but you get the point

Thanks for reading,